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Pump it Up

Discover our Happy Cat Catamarans

Pump it Up is a team passionate about sailing, distributing the Happy Cat inflatable catamarans in Spain and Portugal. We love fun, free and crazy sailing adventures discovering islands, inland seas and wandering along the coasts.

We do not have a physical showroom, our website is our best showroom! We’re happy to share more pictures, videos and details on our catamarans. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information!

We had a challenge: finding inflatable sailing boats as good as hard shell ones. In our quest, we had the pleasure to find Grabner as a partner. Since 1975, the company has built extremely solid and sophisticated inflatable boats. It is 100% reliable and recognized by the industry and the passionate: in 2021, Happy Cat received the best sailing boat award in the US.

Our Happy Cat catamarans come in 4 models. If you like sport and sailing high speed in any wind conditions, we recommend the Happy Cat Hurricane or Carbon. You will have the same sporty sensations as a hard shell catamaran, freedom and lightness in addition!

Our Happy Cat catamarans are designed for individual or family comfort. They offer maximum stability while sailing, regardless of the wind and waves. You can freely adjust the configuration to increase comfort: rear seat deck, accessories… are available to get the most out of your catamaran.

As many times as you want! Our catamarans are inflatable, but built with extremely solid materials. They are designed to last as long as hard shell catamarans, so there’s really no limit in using them. As any hard shell sailboat, we recommend taking good care of your inflatable catamaran on a daily basis to ensure its longevity.

Buying your inflatable catamaran with Pump It Up comes with a guarantee of 5 years after your purchase. We work directly with the manufacturer Grabner, to ensure that you receive the best quality and after-sales service.

Not only have the Happy Cats been fully tested in the factory, but they have been used for 20 years by a large number of sailing enthusiasts around the world, including us through Spain, Ibiza, Portugal… We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the catamarans, or get you in touch with current happy customers.

Now they are! Pump It Up is the official reseller of the Happy Cat inflatable catamarans in Spain and Portugal. Get in touch with us to take a look at the product, get a quote or  more information.

The Happy Cat  are inflatable catamarans, designed for inland seas or coastal sailing. Even though they are extremely solid and professional boats, we can’t recommend them for extreme adventures such as sailing plain oceans or crossing the globe. However they do perfectly the job for sailing the Mediterranean seas, sailing along the coasts of Portugal and Spain, exploring near islands on short/medium journeys.

The 2021 best sailboat award in the US is the perfect testimonial of the Happy Cat performance. They are as solid, reliable and professional as hard-shell catamarans. The big difference lays in the logistics: you can now go sailing packing 3-4 bags into your van, and start sailing in 20-30 minutes only. Complete freedom and fun!

Nothing else than the required space. We have designed convenient squared storage bags to make your journey easier. Our biggest catamaran (Happy Cat carbon) is packed in two long bags (180 x 30 x 30 cm), one packsack (80 x 45 x 28 cm) and the pack-bag mast (170 x 38 x 17 cm). So it’s definitely suitable for many cars, roof boxes, camping vans and mobile homes.

Your Happy Cat inflatable catamaran can be ready in 20-35 minutes. The time needed is for assembly of the different parts, and to inflate the boat. You can either use a manual or electric pump to do so. Each catamaran comes with a user manual and assembly instructions. 

Easy as before! Simply let your boat dry for some time, time that you recover from your sailing adventures anyway! 🙂 Once it’s dry, follow the instructions to disassemble the boat and pack it onto the storage bags. Pack the bags into your car and… you’re free to go! As simple as that.

Agree, we just can’t stop using them for our sailing adventures. Get in touch with us if you want to see the boats. We’re happy to take you for a sail test!

Easy! To order a Happy Cat catamaran, get in touch with us. The way we work is simple: we arrange a meeting, we show you the final product, and we register your official order. We are in direct line with the manufacturer, so once your order is registered, we make sure your inflatable catamaran comes in time, perfectly shipped to your home.

For any repair, accessory or extra option, we’re at your disposal. We provide a full catalog of official options and accessories to enhance your sailing experience. Just contact us for a question, quote or order.

Compared to a hard-shell catamaran, the Happy Cat requires minimum maintenance. Along your sailing adventures, just ensure that the materials of your Happy Cat are regularly dried, cleaned up and properly stored into their bags. The materials are designed for extra longevity and high resistance to salt waters.

Most Happy Cat inflatable catamarans can be easily repaired, through accessories, replacement parts, repair kit. In case anything goes wrong, get in touch with us for a diagnosis and share some pictures with us. We will sync with the manufacturer to ensure a state of the art repair of your catamaran.

To get in touch with us, simply fill in the form on this website. We reply asap!