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Happy Cat, a full catamaran in your bags!

Going sailing along the coast or inland waters, in complete freedom, without thinking logistics…
We’re proud to say this is now possible!

As real sailing lovers, we have spent quite some time in our adventures looking for the perfect catamaran. You know, the one you can go everywhere with, without planning a place to stay, that would be reliable, sporty and super light. And we finally found one in Austria: Happy Cat. Today, we are happy to be the official reseller for Spain and Portugal. The best coasts to enjoy a disruptive and fun catamaran!

All you need is… bags

Small is beautiful and powerful. When it comes to the Happy Cat catamaran, all you need is 3 bags!
Just imagine yourself, packing 3 bags in your van, and off you go sailing the great outdoors. Completely free, whenever and wherever you want!

We couldn’t believe it and yet, we decided to go for a test tour in Ibiza. That’s done, with a remarkable experience of freedom and tranquility. Happy Cat is really a game changer when it comes to sailing adventures.

Unpack, assemble and go

Unpacking and assembling your Happy Cat is easy. Just think about it as an Ikea furniture: just unpack the bag and you have everything you need to easily mount your catamaran. In 30 minutes, and with assembly instructions, you’re able to turn 3 bags into a real catamaran, exclusively designed for its quality, solidity and sportiveness.

Sailing is easy

When we tested our Happy Cat, we were actually surprised by the sailing sensations. It is a mountable catamaran, but it packs all sportiveness and solidity needed, as a full hard shell catamaran. You can choose to sail in all tranquility on calm waters, but also enjoy a sportier ride at full speed! And if you have to recover from a fall, having your Happy Cat back on track is super easy!

Test it by yourself…

We have started organizing test events in Portugal and Spain for catamaran lovers.
Want to test the Happy Cat by yourself? Just get in touch with us!

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